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Other Supposed Madden Curse Victims Include Cover Athletes From The Past Few Games, Including Michael Vick (2004), Donovan McNabb (2006), Shaun Alexander (2007), Vince Young (2008) And Brett Favre (2009)

Other Supposed Madden Curse Victims Include Cover Athletes From The Past Few Games, Including Michael Vick (2004), Donovan McNabb (2006), Shaun Alexander (2007), Vince Young (2008) And Brett Favre (2009)

In 2005 and 2004, the Steelers were a physical, dominating defense that you ... There have been NFL players in the past who clearly have a few screws loose, but ... When Donovan McNabb suffered a Jamal Anderson-type of season-ending ... though, with a six-game stretch that includes games at Nebraska, Texas Tech,.... Many fans and players disagree with Goodell's new rules and claim that he is ruining ... Most of the rule changes have aimed to eliminate flagrant hits on players who are ... This rule was put in place to increase touchbacks and give coverage players ... After being put onto the cover of Madden 2004, Michael Vick suffered a.... Here's a look at what's happened to each 'Madden' cover athlete over the years. ... Patriots fans are now expecting the worst -- because of the "Madden Curse." Despite Brady's ... 2003: 'Madden NFL 2004' - Michael Vick ... 2006: 'Madden NFL 07' - Shaun Alexander ... 2008: 'Madden NFL 09' - Brett Favre.. Includes features such as fully automatic/manual mixing, auto bpm detection, ... Madden nfl 11 cover athlete and new orleans saint drew brees played in every game of the ... 2008 marked the last year of the pc version of the game. ... Madden nfl 08 cover featured vince young, the starting quarterback of the tennessee titans.. by Profootballtalk editor Mike Florio POSTED 8:47 p.m. EDT; LAST UPDATED ... passed on quarterback Vince Young and running back Reggie Bush with the first ... Strahan is due to earn $4 million this year and $4 million in 2008, the final two ... Donovan McNabb (2005, for Madden 2006), and Shaun Alexander (2006,.... If the defense can keep the game close, the upgrade at quarterback can win them the game. ... With an all time NFL low of 10 sacks last season, the defense showed a more impressive ... Before Madden Cover: Michael Vick electrified the NFL in 2002. ... Last season, the Brett Favre fiasco messed with players' heads, Aaron.... Originally published in 2007, we've just updated this feature - on why there's no ... "Madden Curse" - to reflect some of the game's more contemporary "victims". ... on the cover of EA's monster franchise, fifteen NFL players (including the most ... The same is true, he says, of Madden 06 star Donovan McNabb.. Other Supposed Madden Curse Victims Include Cover Athletes From The Past Few Games, Including Michael Vick (2004), Donovan McNabb (2006), Shaun Alexander (2007), Vince Young (2008) And Brett Favre (2009). Posted on September.... Other supposed Madden Curse victims include cover athletes from the past few games, including Michael Vick (2004), Donovan McNabb (2006), Shaun Alexander (2007), Vince Young (2008) and Brett Favre (2009).. The Bucs fans' man on the inside returns with another handful of user-submitted questions. ... The biggest splits of the past decade happened in 2004, when 10 of ... Everybody includes Eddie George on their Madden curse list, and why ... Michael Vick broke his leg in 2003 and missed 11 games; Donovan...

NFL Week 17 game picks: 49ers win NFC West; Packers earn bye December 26, 2019. Gregg Rosenthal went 10-6 on his predictions for Week 16 , bringing his ... Michael Vick gave the Rams chances to win when he entered with just over... ... The seven teams include four Hall of Fame quarterbacks, another young MVP.... I'm talking about Brett Favre and myself battling over who's making decisions on this ... "We're certainly the hottest team in the NFC right now," says Donovan McNabb. ... all but guarantees he'll grace the cover of EA Sports Madden 2011 game. ... That includes two games dropped against opponents with losing records, but.... You need to sign up for four different value enhancement accounts in order ... includes FarCry and FarCry 2: Fortune's Edition (includes DLC and other ... Yeah, I can part with $15 to have those two games in my ever-growing ... Here's a brief rundown of past victims of the Madden Curse. ... Madden NFL 08: Vince Young.. Anyone see any highlights from the Steelers/Fish game last night ... There were a few other Colts there to, but Manning and Jay Leno got the most attention!!! ... Better not send Owens accross the middle with Ray in Zone coverage. ... Rothlisberger looks as good for a young QB since anyone I've seen since Marion I guess.. The Madden Curse plagues NFL stars each year. It is an honor to be asked to be on the cover, but should players turn down the ... The Madden Curse: Will Aaron Rodgers Be the Next To Fall Victim? ... 2004 Madden Cover: Michael Vick. 5 of 13 ... The curse carried over into 2006, as he missed 10 games with a thigh injury.. and unexpectedly, my book now covered the two complete terms of the nfl's commissioners ... Starr and Hornung notwithstanding, the Packers above all meant Vince ... betting on other games but not their own) and around the league.b By sus- ... The muting of patriotic display in 2006 and 2007, when the public had turned.. Victims cited include Michael Vick (2004), Donovan McNabb (2006), Shaun Alexander (2007), Vince Young (2008), Brett Favre (2009), Troy ... Hillis (2012) who all suffered dire years after becoming Madden NFL cover guys. ... another in a ski accident and JFK Jr died in a plane with his wife and her sister.. Page 7: Donovan McNabb's Foolish Race-Baiting September 18, 2007 ... Page 19: The Top 10 Quarterbacks of the Last 20 Years March 4, 2008 ... Pages 71-72: FDH and Sportsology's Top 10 Athletes Of All Time August 23, 2011 ... The ridiculous heat that Vince Young has taken this week seems to dictate that we.... Every year, as EA Sports' list of potential cover athletes narrows, the public ... awaits, wondering who will be the next Madden Cover Curse victim... ... Beginning in 1999, the game franchise began placing NFL players ... On healthy Donovan McNabb, ... Actually, it would probably be Brett Favre or Mike Vick.. some of these other sports can produce a level of enjoyment on par with the ... Singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game at Wrigley Field is supposed to ... Time is of the essence, so don't be like Brett Favre and ... workers, security officials, Santa Claus, Eagles players who perform badly, and Donovan McNabb regardless.


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